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Researchers say that people who flash a friendly smile as soon as they see that you are approachable people. But what happens when you are not very confident about your smile? Would you flash that friendly smile and make them feel comfortable in turn? It is not easy to maintain the beauty of white teeth, because over time, the luster could fade, and your teeth might look stained. This is where teeth whitening Ajman services would bring back the lost shine and glam.

The need for teeth whitening Ajman services

Whiter teeth are a great confidence booster, and will enhance your appearance. People will be comfortable interacting with you, and you will be associated with attractiveness. Over the years, the beautiful teeth that you had will lose their shine and luster because of certain lifestyle and food habits. So here are the reasons why you might need to go for teeth cleaning Ajman services:

Consuming foods and beverages that stain teeth

Beverages like tea, coffee wine, etc, coloured sodas and consuming berries can release pigments that can stain your teeth. Foods that contain lots of artificial colors and flavors can also stain the teeth eventually.

Poor oral hygiene

Every dentist insists on following dental hygiene and even gives you tips on how to do that. Failing to follow this will take a toll on your teeth’s aesthetic and functional capacity.

Alcohol and tobacco usage

Smoking, drinking alcohol on a regular basis and tobacco usage can cause yellowing of teeth, especially since tobacco has nicotine and tar. And so is constant usage of spicy foods, especially those with red chili and turmeric.

Age-related wear and tear

Of course, age is a reason why teeth yellowing happens because the enamel on the teeth wears down.

Medications and trauma

When the pulp tissue dies within the tooth as a result of some trauma or untreated decay, it would cause the teeth to go dark or grayish in color. Certain medications like antibiotics can cause teeth staining. Remember, even certain mouthwashes are known to be culprits in teeth staining.

Different kinds of tooth stains

There are mainly two kinds of teeth staining: Extrinsic and Intrinsic. Extrinsic teeth staining happens on the surface of the teeth, while Intrinsic teeth staining happens within the tooth. Extrinsic happens as a result of external causes like foods, beverages, drinking and smoking. Intrinsic happens as a result of aging, mediation and trauma.

Teeth whitening Ajman services is a very efficient procedure that will bring back the lost shine to your teeth. The treatment is a safe and harmless procedure that will lift the stains from your teeth. It is a quick and affordable procedure that will deliver long-lasting results. The treatment is safe and will make your teeth several shades lighter. Teeth cleaning is different. In this procedure the dentists will remove the plaque and tartar build up and make your teeth clean, not white. It doesn’t necessarily whiten your teeth. If you have yellowed teeth that were caused as a result of one of the reasons that we mentioned above, teeth whitening would be the best option. Follow the tips of the dentist to maintain the whiteness of teeth and restrict foods and beverages that can cause staining.

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