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Orthodontist in Ajman

Looking for the right orthodontic clinic near me? Rawnaq Al Ibtisama is where you get the best orthodontic treatment. An Orthodontic treatment is a procedure where our orthodontists straighten crooked teeth. This would improve your smile, make you feel confident and you will be more successful in work and career.

This simple dental procedure is one of the most sought-after procedures at our clinic because of the reputation and wisdom of our Orthodontists. We have an excellent orthodontist in Ajman to cure all of your orthodontic problems.  Once your teeth are aligned well, you can go about your activities with renewed confidence.

Rawnaq Al Ibtisama offers a range of orthodontic services like traditional braces in Ajman, Invisalign, orthodontic consultations. Many patients come to us with orthodontic issues like crossbite, crowding, overbite, open bite, malocclusion, deep bite, open bite malocclusion, prognathism, overjet, impacted wisdom teeth and protruding front teeth. The orthodontist near me will examine your teeth and suggest treatments that would solve your issues right away.

Overview of Braces

Our orthodontists would help choose the right braces to align your teeth. With our experience and knowledge, we would help you get the best for your budget, and help you make the right decision. We will consider factors such as durability, reliability and usability while choosing the right braces. Our braces are made of the highest quality materials, and delivered at competitive rates.

Once the braces are placed and aligned correctly with your teeth, our orthodontist in Ajman would give you care tips that you can easily follow. You need to brush and floss regularly. It would be wise to use fluoride toothpaste and use a mouthwash at the end to completely dislodge any food particles that the brush might have missed. Check the mirror to see if any wires are sticking out of place. We provide special braces care tips to children so they can take care of their braces on their own.

Why choose us

The doctors at our clinic are known for giving the best treatment recommendations for people suffering from misaligned teeth. Our skilled orthodontists will assist you in getting the right treatment based on your health condition, oral hygiene, and then work with you to place the braces, oversee the progress you’ve made, adjust the brackets, etc. They will be there to address any concerns that you have regarding the braces. With experience spanning many years, you can be assured of the best treatment at our clinic. Your search for the best orthodontic clinic near me, ends with us. Your treatment for the most beautiful teeth and smile begins at Rawnaq Al Ibtisama.


Look up “orthodontist near me”, and you are sure to find our clinic on top of the list. Orthodontic braces work with a gentle pressure that moves teeth slowly into the right position. They tend to help rectify problems like crooked teeth, overbites, under bites and gaps. Braces can enhance both appearance and oral operation.

Finding the best orthodontic clinic near you depends on qualifications, experience, patient reviews of services. Rawnaq Clinic has experienced orthodontists, a variety of services concerning Orthodontics and is focused on patient satisfaction. For those looking for best orthodontist in Ajman, we are there to serve you. Call us at (06)741 7995 or 050 193 6300 to book a consultation today.

Rawnaq Clinic provides several types of braces such as traditional metal braces, ceramic ones and invisible aligners. It depends on various factors, including treatment objectives, aesthetics and personal likes. Our orthodontic team will assist you in choosing the most appropriate braces in Ajman as per your needs.

The span of orthodontic treatment with braces depends on the severity of cases. It may take months to a few years of treatment. The process entails periodic adjustments, tracking the progress of change and confirming that bracings are guiding teeth towards preferred position.


People with braces really need special care instructions, such as performing oral hygiene regularly enough, avoiding some foods and coming to orthodontic appointments that are scheduled. Our Orthodontic team will give detailed instructions on how to achieve successful treatment and keep the oral health.