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Tooth Fillings Near Me

Tooth filling is part of restorative dental care provided at our dental clinic. The tooth fillings are done when you lose teeth or parts of a tooth to decay or perhaps an injury caused due to an accident. Tooth fillings can restore the integrity, function and performance of the missing tooth structure. The dental fillings are made from a single or combination of plastic, metals, glass, gold, silver porcelain or other materials. Tooth fillings are also performed on teeth that have been worn down from cavities, and misuse, like tooth grinding or nail biting. The main goal of tooth filling is to preserve the natural condition of the tooth as much as possible. If you are looking for the best tooth fillings near me, we offer the best options, because of our superb treatments and the different materials in tooth fillings. 

Types of Tooth Fillings we offer

There are different types of tooth fillings that we offer based on the material and cost factor. It will also depend on the location and extent of tooth decay, your insurance coverage, the filling material used and so on. So have a look at the different materials we have:

  • Gold – This is a bit expensive, but the fillings last long, for about 10-15 years and they have a pleasing appearance.
  • Porcelain – Fillings made of porcelain are more durable, as they can last longer than 15 years, and they are very resistant to stain.
  • Tooth-coloured composite fillings – In this, you can likely get a shade that matches with your existing teeth, and with a little bit of additional support, will bond well to the tooth. These can last for about 5-7 years.
  • Silver Amalgam– These are most commonly found in and they easily last for 10-15 years, and are not costly when compared to gold and composite fillings.
  • Glass Ionomer Fillings – These fillings last for about 5 years, and they release fluoride which would protect your teeth from developing new cavities. Dentists mostly use this for filling tiny cavities at the gum line.
Tooth Filling Procedure

Our dentists would first examine your teeth for its decay or extent of injury. The procedure begins with a first visit to the doctor, followed by the actual treatment where we can help restore your smile’s natural beauty. During the examination and diagnosis, our dentist will analyze the size and location of the cavity. This area would then be cleaned and numbed with local anesthesia. Later, our dentist will place the filling material into the cavity, depending on what kind of material would be ideal for your situation. Next, comes the hardening part where we will use a special light to harden the material. Finally, we will trim and shape the filling to ensure it will fit in comfortably with your bite. Once the dentist confirms that you can close your mouth and bite properly, he will give you a few aftercare instructions that you can follow.

Materials and Technology

At Rawnaq Al Ibtisama, we use the latest technology to drill and fill your teeth with minimal trouble. This procedure is much faster and will finish in a shorter time , unlike in the olden days, when the dentist used to take a long time to drill, place the filling and then hardening it. We do not use mercury in the fillings because they are toxic. Our latest filling materials are created using plastic and glass with composite resin. We use a special drill to cut through the tooth’s enamel and remove the damaged portions. Once we remove the cavity, we will place the filings accurately, and using a special flue light beam, will harden the filling.

Why choose us

There is a reason why Rawnaq Al Ibtisama is always featured at the top when people search for ‘tooth fillings near me’. The technology we use and the remarkable expertise and experience of your doctors are hallmarks of our reputation. They are not only empathetic, but will gently complete your procedures, so you have healthy teeth and gums. Our dentists and orthodontists are fully qualified to treat all kinds of dental problems, and our procedure rooms are equipped with the latest technological innovations in the field of dentistry.


If you have tooth sensitivity, pain when biting or chewing something, visible holes on your teeth and fractured tooth, there is possible need for fillings to be done. Regular dental visits can detect whether filling is required but if you observe any of these symptoms, it would be smart to book for a consultation. Look up “tooth fillings near me”, and you will find us on top of the list.

The tooth filling options provided by our clinic include amalgam, composite resin, ceramic and glass ionomer. Tooth filling materials vary based on the location of your tooth, how severe your decay is and what you would like to look like. Our professional dentists will consult with you on the options available that can determine the best choice.

The length of a tooth filling procedure at Rawnaq Clinic depends on how complicated the case is. Generally, a single tooth filling usually can be performed in one visit and would take about 30 minutes to an hour. The team is focused on efficiency without compromising quality.

One should not consume hot or cold foods immediately after getting tooth fillings, as sensitivity is possible. Practice good oral hygiene including regular brushing and flossing. Attend follow-ups as recommended to monitor the restoration.

Yes, tooth fillings are often performed within a single visit. The procedure is quite simple and less invasive. Some may experience temporary discomfort or sensitivity but it will fade in a few minutes. Our clinic uses procedures to guarantee your comfort and most discomforts can be handled by local anesthesia. If you are looking for tooth fillings near me, we at Rawnaq are there for you.