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Dental Implants Ajman

Dental implants are actually artificial teeth that our dentists place over missing or damaged teeth. They are screwed onto the jawbone and are made using biocompatible materials and dental crowns. They are placed in the most natural way, and will restore oral health in the most effective way. Placing dental implants will prevent tooth decay and cavities. It will also prevent facial sagging and premature aging. Some dentists prefer dental implants to dentures. We provide the best facilities and treatment protocols for dental implants Ajman services.

Types of Dental Implants

We offer different kinds of dental implants depending on the kind of solution you need. It could be say day dental implants and this would be suitable as a pain-free permanent replacement solution if you have a single tooth or missing teeth. Similarly, we have treatments like All-on-4 dental implants and All-on-6 implants where we do a surgical implantation of dental prosthetics. These are used for patients with poor jawbone density.

Implant Placement and Healing

The procedure for the dental implants begins by a thorough examination of your oral health. Usually implants are done after the dental extraction process, so if you are a good candidate for extraction, the orthodontist will perform the extraction, and then later, we will begin the implant process. This is also a surgical procedure wherein the jaw is prepped for surgery. This is done using bone grafts, with the help of anesthesia and the implant will be inserted into the tooth socket. Next, we will place the dental crown, an abutment and an artificial tooth will be placed atop the implants.

It would take about a week for the implant site to heal thoroughly. You can start brushing the implant site, and eat whatever you want. But remember, not to bite down on hard, crispy and crunchy foods. Wait for one more week, and you will have healed.

Dental Implant Care and Maintenance

Though you can pretty much eat anything after two weeks of your dental implant it would be good to avoid sticky and hard foods. Alcohol and smoking are also a big no. Make sure to visit our clinic for your regular dental appointments after the implant to ensure that they are doing good. Meanwhile, avoid using abrasive products, use a soft nylon brush and fluoride toothpaste and floss daily.

Why choose us

Rawnaq Al Ibtisama has carved a solid reputation for itself for dental implants Ajman services. We have an incredible team of doctors who are quite experienced in treating anxious patients, because dental implants could be a very nerve-racking procedure for some. With their reputation and knowledge, they can make the process as comfortable as possible. Enjoy visiting our clinic with its relaxed ambience, and go back, happy and relieved that your dental problems are finally solved.


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots installed in the jawbone through surgery to support replacement of teeth. They are different from other alternatives such as dentures or bridges because they provide a more permanent and natural solution. Implants are stable, maintain bone mass and work like normal teeth. For those looking for dental implants in Ajman, we are there for you.


The duration of the dental implant procedure varies and depends on how many implants are required, whether bone grafting is needed or not, individual rates of healing. Normally this would require several visits over a number of weeks or months, including implant placement and attachment of replacement teeth.

The best candidates for dental implants in Ajman should possess good oral and overall health, enough bone density in the jaw area, wholesome lifestyle regarding hygiene of their teeth. Our dental professionals will thoroughly examine you to establish whether you are eligible and what treatment is most appropriate for your condition. Feel free to call us at (06)741 7995 or 050 193 6300 to book a consultation. We will be happy to assist you.

During the dental implant placement process, local anesthesia is utilized to guarantee low levels of pain. Swelling and minor pain following surgery is normal, but it can be easily treated by the use of prescription medicines. The recovery time may vary but is usually from a few days to several weeks.

Dental implants have many benefits like better stability, longer life protection of adjacent natural teeth and prevention of bone loss. Rawnaq Clinic offers full implant treatments, customized treatment plans and the best of care to achieve successful results. Call us today at (06)741 7995 or 050 193 6300 if you are considering dental implants in Ajman.