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A charming smile is something everyone desires. The advertisement of tooth paste companies with a young girl and boy exchanging glances and beautiful smiles is a reflection of a mass audience who crave for such a smile.

Just as cleaning your teeth, it is also important to align it for the best smile.  A few years back most of us would have raised temples on the idea of wearing metal braces. It was out of our comfort to have wires and metals bandaged in tight fit.

It was as if the discomfort of eating with braces on wasn’t enough!

Time has changed and the technology nowadays pervaded every other space. Your dental care took an express train of convenience.

While reading this, you might have browsed for the invisible aligner provider near me.

Are you sure? Haven’t you heard about the invisible aligners which are extra convenient to align your overcrowded teeth or gaps between teeth?

If you haven’t heard about them, no worries, let us ponder the specialities of invisible aligners in this blog in detail.

What are invisible aligners?

Clear aligners or invisible aligners, as the name suggests, are a rack of transparent teeth like material which can be designed to a size fit for your teeth. Excited to see what it looks like? The browser is on your fingertips. Just try searching invisible aligner provider near me. It’s a jaw dropping peace of work. See where technology took us, nothing but convenience!

What are the features of invisible aligners?

  • Comfort: Tailored to fit in your teeth they are really comfortable.
  • Easily Removable: Unlike metal braces of the past invisible aligners can be removed easily while eating or cleaning your teeth.

No need to visit your orthodontist every time you remove it.

The irritation of food getting stuck in those metal braces is a story of past.

  • Discreet: Your treatment will be in stealth mode. No one knows that you’re taking a dental treatment. If you prefer so, that will be in your benefit.
  • Easy to clean: As already mentioned it is easily removable which makes it easy to clean.
  • Natural aligning: These clear aligners makes use of natural movement of your teeth to align them. Say good bye to the pain of forced metal braces.
  • Faster results: Usually it’ll take only the half the time to align your teeth compared to traditional metal braces.

Wondering where to find the best orthodontist to get your clear aligners? Care to type in invisible aligner provider near me in the net browser?

A list of the best clear aligner provider in UAE including Rawnaq Al Ibtisama awaits to greet you.

How to take care of your invisible aligner?

  • Do not remove unless required:  Normally it is recommended to be kept inside your mouth up to 22 hours.
  • Remove for cleaning: As being said not to remove it unnecessarily, please remove it whenever you eat food or clean your teeth. Otherwise it will result in formation of cavities.
  • Clean it properly: Please clean your clear braces to avoid unnecessary infection. Find it as a habit to place it in the provided box.
  • Replace with Doctor’s approval: As your teeth becomes aligned you might require a different size aligner. Don’t keep the same aligners for too long.

Now that you’ve searched for the invisible aligner provider near me, please choose the best orthodontic clinic for better results. Rawnaq Al Ibtisama Dental Clinic awaits you with certified dentist and a track record of satisfied customers.

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